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Redhall Star AFC was formed as an amateur football team in 1971.  The youth section - Redhall Star Youth FC - was formed in 2007 with one team of Under 12s (1995s).  They were joined by 2000s a couple of years later and both Youth teams played alongside the very successful Saturday and Sunday Amateur teams until 2011 when both amateur teams sadly disbanded.  This looked like the end for Redhall Star as the Youth teams were left playing out of a pavilion with no power with other clubs eyeing up Redhall Park and the facilities.  However, Redhall Star Youth FC were able reach an agreement with the Council and utility providers and secured the lease on the Park as well as having the Pavilion reconnected.  In 2012, with the help of Alan White and Big Hearts, Redhall Star YFC recruited a batch of 2005s and 2006s and the Club began to take shape as we see it today.  The Amateurs reformed and spent a couple of seasons at Redhall Park before relocating, largely due to the success of the ever expanding Youth section.

Current Set-up

Redhall Star Youth FC is proud to be a Development Level, SFA Quality Mark Club.  We currently have over 120 kids playing across 8 different age groups from Under 8s to Under 15s.  Our teams play and train at Redhall Park, with winter training held at various venues including World of Football and Tynecastle School.

All of our teams are affiliated to SYFA through South East Region YFA, for 11-a-side teams, and East of Scotland Soccer Development Association for Small Sided Teams.  We provide a platform for kids to play and enjoy football in a safe, progressive and nurturing environment.  We are committed to offering that platform to players of all levels of development and pride ourselves on high standards of coaching, enabling our players to continuously improve.

As well as the football development on the park, we feel it's important to promote life skills such as friendship and being part of a team - because our members are more than just football players.  Regular weekend tours to play in tournaments provide our members with life experiences and encourage team bonding and friendships.

For more information on individual age groups, please click on - Teams - from the menu bar and select your age group.


Redhall Star Youth FC believe that, in Youth Football, development should come before winning - always.  Winning is important, and becomes more so as the kids get older, but development is more important. Develop the winning mentality, see kids take ownership of their own technical development, understanding that two hours of practice a week is not enough, and watch the results come.  Maybe not over a couple of months, but it will come.  Development is not a straight line.  Ups will come with downs and development does not mean constant, unchecked progression.

Key Stages of Development
  • Desire to Play | 3 - 6 Years

Without the Desire to Play there can be no Development.  In the earliest years the focus is on having fun to make sure the kids keep coming back for more.  Of course they will be learning as they have fun!

  • Learning to Play | 6 - 10 Years

Once the kids have fallen in love with the Beautiful Game they can begin to develop a technical understanding of the game and learn new skills and techniques.

  • Perfecting your Play | 10+ Years

After the technical base is there the hard work begins!  Practice does not make Perfect.  Perfect Practice makes Perfect and we aim to provide quality coaching and guidance to ensure every kid at Redhall Star Youth FC realises their own potential.

Let us say that you and I coach two teams with kids that are 10, 11, and 12 years old and all are about equally good. You try to teach them to play good football, a passing game and with tactical basics while I tell mine to only play long balls and try to shoot. I can assure you that at first, I will always win against you, by using your mistakes. Break a bad pass and goal. If we however continue with the same training methods during a three year period, you will most likely win every game against us. Your players will have learned how to play while mine haven’t. That’s how easy it is

Laureano Ruiz - Former Barcelona Coach, credited by many for their playing style

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