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RYFD is a separate entity working, in conjunction with Redhall Star YFC, to provide professional and affordable, additional coaching for both elite and recreational players.

After enjoying coaching and organising youth football as a volunteer for almost 12 years at Redhall Star, the obvious next step is to take it to a professional level.  The experience I've built up over the years, working with kids aged 4 - 18, as well as the numerous coaching courses and seminars attended, provides an excellent base to push on to the next level.  To achieve excellence takes time so, having cut my day job to part time hours to focus more time on Youth Football, I've created Redhall Youth Football Development.  My vision is to provide affordable, quality coaching classes, in a safe and positive environment.

Scott Robertson, RYFD

I believe that delivery of the session, and being able to convey coaching points real time, is more important than content.  World Class Coaching provide world class content as well as well as a wealth of information on Football Development.

Thanks to Ashley Hammond of SDFC (now merged with PSA) for welcoming me in Montclair, NJ and providing advice and inspiration.

SFA Courses Attended:

Children's Pathway:-

Early Touches

Coaching Young Footballers

Coaching in the Game

Children's Award (Pass)

Youth Pathway:-

Development Activites

Coaching Footballers 13+

Coaching in the Game

Goalkeeping Level 1

Other Courses Attended:

Sports First Aid: HABC Level 2

In Safe Hands: Child Protection

Managing Child Wellbeing

Positive Coaching Scotland

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